I’ve recently been on an All the Things kick. For those not familiar, All the Things is an addon that shows you everything you can possibly do in WoW such as pets, mounts, transmogs, quests, etc. The addon itself has a great UI in that shows you what drops from which bosses. I’ve mostly been focusing on classic raids and dungeons and found a not so secret boss.

In the Gnomeregan instance, there is a hidden boss in the room where you kill Mekgineer Thermaplugg. On the back of the pillar immediately to your left as you enter the room is a very tiny button that says “Push Me”. Naturally, the first thing you want to do is push it.

Once you push the button, it summons Endgineer Omegaplugg. He does not aggro you right away which is good for many reasons.

Now, given that this is a classic era dungeon, I assumed that I could one shot Frost Lance him like I did all the other bosses. When I targeted him and noticed that he had two million HP, I thought maybe I should use Frozen Orb first.

Two hits later, I was dead.

After further research, I learned that this boss has scaled up every patch and requires a fully geared party to defeat. Fortunately, I was able to recruit three mythic raiders from my guild.

Even with four characters around 240 ilvl (patch 9.1), it still took us three resets and one wipe to down this boss. Here’s how we did it.

First, we had our tank pull the boss out of the room to reset him. When you first pull the boss, he spawns a bunch of bombs that do what bombs do: they go boom and hurt a lot. While he was doing that, we were clicking the red buttons in a counter clockwise pattern starting from the pillar immediately to your right as you enter the room.

That worked…to some extent. On our second pull, a bomb was still spawning. We attempted to fight the boss and deal with the single bomb but it was causing too much trouble so we reset again, clicking all the red buttons once again.

This did the trick and we were ready for our first real attempt. The boss has several mechanics that you need to be aware of. First, he casts Static on a player at random. This is a dot that does a lot of damage and needs to be dispelled immediately. Second, he will fire the missiles but not in a French accent. This will place a bunch of orange circles on the floor that you need to move out of. Lastly, he will do various versions of the same electric attack. If you have fought Xav the Unfallen in Theater of Pain, Endgineer Omegaplugg’s electric attacks are very similar in that sometimes they form a circle around him, other times it’s a cone, a line, and a half circle.

This is where party make up comes in handy. If you have all ranged dps, they do not need to worry about the circle version. Anyone in melee will need healing immediately and should probably use a defensive anyway.

The last thing to keep in mind is when Endgineer Omegaplugg drops below 50% he will randomly cast Maximum Repair. This will heal him to full if it is not interrupted. Yep, that happened to us. He was down to about 15% when it did.

Despite the above, we managed to bring him back down to 40% before we wiped.

Having a better handle on the mechanics, we took another run at it. We lost a dps almost immediately so we opted to just reset the boss.

Things went much better on the next attempt. We interrupted all of his Maximum Repair attempts and managed to kill him.

The reward is a toy called Vial of Green Goo. This is a guaranteed drop for everyone in the party that doesn’t have it. On use, it will transform you into a Leper Gnome for 10 minutes. It also has a 10 minute cooldown so if you’ve ever been disappointed you can’t race change into a Leper Gnome, this is the next best thing.

Published by Lokiwise

Lokiwise is a Blood Elf Frost Mage on Aerie Peak. He has been playing WoW on and off since vanilla. He currently spends most of his time hunting mounts and running keys.


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