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Horde Expedition

The Horde Expedition is a group of Horde factions that are working together to eliminate the scourge forces in Northrend and put an end to the Lich King once and for all. The Horde Expedition consists of four Horde factions. The Hand of Vengeance is led by Sylvanas Windrunner herself and is a group of forsaken that want to stop Lich King and prevent him from doing to others what he did to Sylvanas. The Taunka are a group of tauren-like creatures that are native to Northrend. They are discovered by Garrosh Hellscream who convinces them to join with the Horde. The Sunreavers are a group of blood elves that join with the Kirin Tor as a result of their campaign in Northrend against the Lich King. The Warsong Offensive recognizes that a major operation against the Lich King requires the cooperation between the Horde and the Alliance. However, they also understand that some forces in the Alliance could use this as an opportunity to strike a major blow against the Horde. They look to keep the Alliance in line and prevent the Alliance from gaining too much power in Northrend.

Dungeon trash mobs (10 each)

Killing trash mobs without a tabard equipped in heroic Wrath of the Lich King dungeons will award 10 reputation points each.

Dungeon bosses (163 each)

Killing bosses in heroic Wrath of the Lich King dungeons without a tabard equiped will award 163 reputation points each.