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Shado Pan

The Shado-Pan are a group of warriors akin to special forces with the goal of protecting Pandaria from any threats. Preferring to operate from the shadows, the Shado-Pan were first created by Emperor Shaohao to control the sha that he had inadvertently created and released. In modern times, the Shado-Pan are led by Taran Zhu. When the Horde and the Alliance first landed in Pandaria, he pleaded with the leaders of both factions to cease their war, warning of the dangers of the sha and how their struggle could free them, wrecking havoc across Pandaria. He was ultimately ignored and the shas were released. He and the Shado-Pan would eventually work with the Horde and the Alliance to battle the sha that had been released as well as the mogu, mantid, and yaungol threats that had emerged. The Shado-Pan sent a small force to Draenor to battle the Iron Horde, led by Garrosh Hellscream. After Garrosh was defeated, the Burning Legion invaded all of Azeroth. The Shado-pan sent many warriors to the Terrace of Endless Spring to prevent the demons from taking over the sacred temple. Despite their past conflicts with the Zandalari, they worked with a faction of trolls to stop an attempted uprising led by Zul and several mogu allies.

Random Scenario (200 each)

The first random scenario run each day while championing this faction will award 200 reputation points.

Daily Quests (250 each)

Each daily quest awards 250 reputation points.

Random Dungeon (300 each)

The first random dungeon run each day while championing this faction will award 300 reputation points.

Work Order quests (300 each)

Work order quests involve planting specific crops in your garden. They award 300 reputation points each.

Stolen Shado-Pan Insignia (1000 each)

Stolen Shado-Pan Insignia can be looted from Zandalari Warbringers around the coast of Pandaria.