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Dominance Offensive

The Dominance Offensive is the Horde campaign during the war against the Alliance on the island of Pandaria. With the defeat of Deathwing the Destroyer, the mysterious island of Pandaria, previously hidden by magical mists, rejoined the rest of Azeroth. As with any new territory, the major factions sought to stake a claim in this new world before the other could. As the Horde and Alliance were already at war, they brought the conflict over to the island of Pandaria, dividing the pandarian loyalties between the two groups. Led by Garrosh Hellscream, the Dominance Offensive, in conflict with it's Alliance counterpart, Operation: Shieldwall, caused great turmoil to the island nation of Pandaria, release dark energy known as sha across this once peaceful island.

Daily Quests (150 each)

Each day, you gain access to one daily quest chain. Each quest awards 150 reputation points.

Beastmaster Quests (200 each)

The Beastmaster Quests are group quests that can be completed each day, awarding 200 reputation points.

Work Order quests (300 each)

Work order quests involve planting specific crops in your garden. They award 300 reputation points each.