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The Saberstalkers

The Saberstalkers are a group of hunters operating in the Tanaan jungle. Their base of operations centers around the Fang'rila area, located in the southeastern region of the Tanaan jungle. While no beast is considered insignificant from these hunters, their preferred quarry are the Blackfang tribe of saberon, a cat-like species found in alternate Draenor. These beasts are not completely mindless however and have their own social structure. They are bipedal and capable of using tools to form rudimentary weapnons. Anyone hunting the saberon needs to be wary of the old adege, the hunter sometimes becomes the hunted.

Mobs in Fang'rila (25 each)

Killing Blackfang mobs inside Fang'rila awards 25 reputation points each.

Commendation of the Saberstalkers (300 each)

The Commendation of the Saberstalkers can be purchased during the Warlords of Draenor timewalking event for 50 Timewarped Badge.

Rare Elites (500 each)

Killing rare elites inside Fang'rila awards 500 reputation points each.

Medallion of the Legion (1000 each)

The Medallion of the Legion can be looted from rare elites in the Tanaan Jungle. It awards 1000 reputation points with ALL Warlords of Draenor factions. Because it is BOE, it can also be purchased off the Auction House.

Tooth and Claw (1500 each)

Tooth and Claw is a daily quest requiring you to collect 100 Tanaan Jungle Tooths.

Rumble in the Jungle (3500 each)

Rumble in the Jungle is a weekly quest requiring you to kill 3 bosses.