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The Kurenai are a group of Draenei that can be found in the Outland. Having been enslaved by both demons and ogres that reside in the area, the Kurenai have managed to either kill or escape from their masters. They then make their way to Telaar, located in Nagrand, where they join up with other Kurenai. Because of the influence of their demonic masters, the Kurenai have been tainted with fel blood. This taint requires the Kurenai to be strong willed so that they may resist the influence of this taint, lest they give in to temptation and become one of the Broken, draenei who succumb to the taint and are irreparably mutated as a result. Having encountered Draenei from Azeroth, they wish to join forces with their breathern.

Killing Ogres (10 each)

Killing ogres in Nagrand awards 10 reputation points each.

Obsidian Warbeads (500 each)

Obsidian Warbeads can be looted from various ogres in Nagrand. They can be turned in stacks of 10 for 500 reputation points.