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Tortollan Seekers

The Tortollan Seekers crave only one thing: knowledge. They use their influence and accumulated wealth to an effort to preserve knowledge wherever it can be found. Many of the Tortollan were devasted having found the blood trolls and killed and gutted their loa, Torga. While the loss of their deity weighed heavy on their hearts, many were confused and distraught over the fact that Torga would no longer be able to share any of his incredible stories. It is in his honor, that many Tortollans struck out to share what they've learned with the world.

Contract: Tortollan Seekers (10 each)

New to Battle for Azeroth, contracts grant you an additional 10 reputation for any world quest completed. Contacts are made by Inscriptionists and can usually be bought in the Auction House. Only one contract can be active at a time and each contract lasts for 7 days.

Mission Table Quest (75 each)

As you gain war mode followers, you will be able to send them on missions from the Battle for Azeroth version of the war table. Occasionally, you will have a mission that will reward you with reputation. The reputation reward can vary in range from 75 to 200 reputation. As with all war table missions, you have an opportunity to earn a bonus reward of more reputation. Each mission can take from 4 to 36 hours to complete.

World Quest Bonus Reputation (100 each)

Occasionally, a world quest will have bonus reputation as a quest reward. These can range in value from 100-300 reputation.

World Quest (175 each)

Tortollan Seekers world quests are available on both Zandalar and Kul Tiras and are available to each faction. To complete the world quests, you need to have hit level 120 and completed with Uniting Kul Tiras or Uniting Zandalar, depending on your faction. There are three distinct quests which involve protecting young turtles heading to the sea, playing a match game, or guiding a turtle through the finish line. You can complete any number of Tortollan Seekers world quests each day. Each world quest has a timer indicating how long it is available. Once it expires, a new world quest will take it's place, whether it has been completed or not.

Emissary Quest (1500 each)

Tortollan Seekers emissary quests require you to complete three Tortollan Seekers world quests in the allotted time (generally 2 days). Doing so will allow you to turn in the quest to Collector Kojo, located in Stormsong Valley if you are Alliance, or Zuldazar if you are Horde. A new emissary quest is available each day.