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Stormpike Guard

The Stormpike Guard are members of the dwarvish Stormpike clan that have come to Alterac Valley. Led by Vanndar Stormpike, the Stormpike Guard are looking to plunder Alterac Valley of minerals and other useful resources. The Alterac Valley has been deemed an area of strategic importance not only by the Stormpike clan but by Magni Bronzebeard, then king of Ironforge as well. To secure a foothold in the region, the Stormpike Guard constructed Dul Baldar as a base of operations. This puts them in direct conflict with the Frostwolf orcs who see the Stormpike Guard as invaders to their homeland and their attempts to mine the area as a direct attack on their sacred mountains.

Alterac Valley NPCs (5 each)

Killing opposite faction NPCs in Alterac Valley awards 5 reputation points each.

Captain Galvangar (125 each)

Killing Captain Galvangar, the final boss in the Alterac Valley battleground awards 125 reputation points.