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The Klaxxi

Originally founded as a religious order dedicated to Y'Shaarj, the modern day Klaxxi seek to preserve mantid culture and knowledge. While the mantid society is ruled over by an empress, she is technically not part of the Klaxxi. In fact, the Horde and Alliance involvement in Pandaria has led to widespread corruption which has spread to the empress herself. This puts the Klaxxi in direct conflict with the empress and seek to overthrow her. A group of powerful Klaxxi warriors known as the paragons as preserved in amber and revered by the Klaxxi. Because of their historical association with the Old God Y'Shaarj, the Klaxxi eventually side with Garrosh Hellscream after he obtains the Heart of Y'Shaarj. The Klaxxi awaken the paragons which are then moved to Orgrimmar, serving as guards to anyone that seeks to bring war to Garrosh Hellscream.

Daily Quests (130 each)

Completing daily quests will award 130 reputation points each.

Seeds of Fear (250 each)

This repeatable quest required you to turn in 5 Dread Amber Shards.

Work Order quests (300 each)

Work order quests involve planting specific crops in your garden. They award 300 reputation points each.

Stolen Klaxxi Insignia (1000 each)

Stolen Klaxxi Insignia can be looted from Zandalari Warbringers around the coast of Pandaria.