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The Tillers

The Tillers are a group of Pandaren farmers operating out of the Valley of the Four Winds. Led by Haohan Mudclaw, the Tillers are a peaceful people, caring only about farming and using the crops to feed the people. Joining the Tillers requires a vote among active members of the Tillers. To earn a vote from on of the Tillers, a candidate must demonstrate not only an aptitude for farming and gardening, but a willingness to aid fellow Tiller's in times of need. For example, some Tillers may have a farm that is overrun with vermin. Driving off or otherwise exterminating the vermin would demonstrate a candidate's worthiness to that particular Tiller. There are 10 known members of the Tillers: Chee Chee, Ella, Fish Fellreed, Farmer Fung, Old Hillpaw, Jogu the Drunk, Gina Mudclaw, Haohan Mudclaw, Tina Mudclaw, and Sho.

NPC Daily Quests (150 each)

2 of the NPCs at Halfhill will beseech your aid via daily quests. These award 150 reputation points each.

Gift Quest (150 each)

Each day, one quest will be available to gift an NPC at Halfhill with a gift.

Daily Quests (350 each)

Completing daily quests will award 350 reputation points each.