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Fish Fellreed

Fish Fellreed is a Pandarian pig farmer and member of the Tillers. She is also an avid fisherman and makes money selling fish she catches from Cattail Lake. She is a tomboy and loves to tell stories to her friends. Anyone that becomes her friend may soon find a few new pigs on their doorstep. Her favorite food is a Twin Fish Platter.

Gift (540 each)

Giving any gift found in Dark Soil plots north of Halfhill will result in 540 reputation points.

Ideal Gift (900 each)

Giving Fish Fellreed a jade cat will earn 900 reputation points.

Favorite Food (1800 each)

Cooking 5 Twin Fish Platter will earn 1800 reputation points with Fish Fellreed.

Daily Quest (2000 each)

Doing Fish Fellreed's daily quest will earn 2000 reputation points.