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The Netherwing are a group of dragons found in the Shadowmoon Valley of the Outland. They are very distrustful of outsiders as they have been enslaved by all manner of creatures throughout their history. The Netherwing are not native to Outland. Before the Burning Legion destroyed Draenor, Deathwing came through the Dark Portal with his black dragon eggs, thinking Draenor would be a safe place to raise his offspring. After Deathwing left to return to Azeroth, Ner'zhul opened many portals on Draenor. This action created a lot of magical instability. One of the side effects of this event was that the black dragon eggs absorbed some of the energy that was unleashed, thus giving birth to the first generation of netherwing dragons. The Netherwing are ethereal and can phase between astral and physical planes. This requires using a great of deal of energy however and as a result, the Netherwing have a shorter lifespan than other dragon breeds.

Daily quests (250 each)

Daily quests award 250 reputation points each.

Netherwing Egg (350 each)

Netherwing Eggs can be found in the Shadowmoon Valley on the same parcel of land the Netherwing reside. Turning these in awards 350 reputation points each.