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The Syndicate is a criminal organization and is composed of humans. Despite their membership, they are enemies of the Alliance due to their criminal activity. Members of the Syndicate can be identified by the orange masks they wear which symbolize Alterac, a now defunct kingdom from which the Syndicate originated. They are wanted enemies of both the Horde and the Alliance and have drawn the attention of Sylvanas as well as former Warchief Thrall. They are the sworn enemies of the Ravenholdt. When Deathwing returns and threatens Azeroth, the Syndicate's holdings are nearly wiped out. While most criminal enterprises thrive during times of tragedy, the Syndicate was not able to take advantage of this. During the latest war between the Horde and the Alliance, both factions have capture former Syndicate holdings. However, Syndicate forces still remain at large and look to be rebuilding their power.

Ravenholdt NPCs (5 each)
Until Friendly

Killing Ravenholdt NPCs awards 5 reputation points each through Neutral.