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Gadgetzan is a goblin run city located in Tanaris. It is also the capital of the Steamwheedle cartel. As with other Steamwheedle cartel cities, it is faction neutral, despite the goblin allegiance to the Horde. The city of Tanaris was once built in the middle of the desert in Tanaris. However, when Deathwing returned to Azeroth, the desert flooded, turning Gadgetzan into a beachfront property. The city would later be attacked when the Burning Legion returned to Azeroth. It would be successfully defended by a coalition of Horde and Alliance forces.

Bloodsail npcs (3 each)

Killing bloodsail npcs in the Cape of Stranglethorn awards 3 reputation points each.

Southsea npcs (5 each)

Killing southsea npcs in Tanaris awards 5 reputation points each.

War at Sea (500 each)

This repeatable quest requires you to turn in 40 mageweave cloth and 4 strong flux. This will award 500 reputation points per turn in as well as subtract 500 reputation points from Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation.