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Order of the Cloud Serpent

The Order of the Cloud Serpent are a group of warriors that strive to defend the Jade Forest. They were initially formed during a conflict between the Pandarians and the Zandalarians. The Zandalarians had allied themselves with the mogu, the traditional enemies of the pandarian people. When the mogu were defeated, the Zandalarians came to claim land that had been promised to them by the mogu. The Pandarians managed to drive them back when a young pandarian girl named Jiang made friends with a cloud serpent named Lo. Jiang then convinced Lo and the other cloud serpents to allow the pandarians to ride them into battle, thus birthing the first members of the Order of the Cloud Serpent. Together, the pandarians and the cloud serpents managed to drive back the Zandalari invasion, but not before the death of Jiang.

Profession Daily Quests (125 each)

Profession specific daily quests award 125 reputation points each.

Random Scenario (200 each)

The first random scenario run each day while championing this faction will award 200 reputation points.

Random Dungeon (300 each)

The first random dungeon run each day while championing this faction will award 300 reputation points.

Daily Quests (450 each)

Daily quests award 450 reputation points each.

Onyx Egg (500 each)

Turning in Onyx Egg's will award 500 reputation points per turn in.

Quivering Firestorm Egg (1000 each)

Turning in a Quivering Firestorm Egg which can drop from Huolon or Crimsonscale Firestorm will award 1000 reputation points.