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Cenarion Expedition

The Cenarion Expedition is a group of druids, primarily night elves and taurens, that have been tasked by the Cenarion Circle to document plant and animal life in the Outland. Led by Ysiel Windsinger, the Cenarion Expedition studies the plant and animal species primarily in the Zangarmarsh. After the Dark Portal was reopened, this group of adventurers bravely ventured into this new, unknown world solely for the purpose of satisfying their intellectual curiosity. While they primarily operate in Zangarmarsh, they have several outposts in the other areas of Outland as well.

Dungeon elites (15 each)

Killing elites inside the Slave Pens, Underbog, and Steamvault awards 15 reputation points each.

Dungeon bosses (150 each)

Killing bosses (except the final boss) inside the Slave Pens, Underbog, and Steamvault awards 150 reputation points each.

Final dungeon boss (250 each)

Killing the final boss inside the Slave Pens, Underbog, and Steamvault awards 250 reputation points each.

Uncatalogued Species (500 each)

Uncatalogued Species is a rare drop from turning in Unidentified Plant Parts.

Commendation of the Cenarion Expedition (500 each)

Commendation of the Cenarion Expedition can be purchased for 50 Timewalking Badges during the Outland Timewalking Dungeon Event.

Friendly Scout's Arrow

Friendly Expedition Flare

Honored Dreadweave Hood

Honored Satin Robe

Honored Kodohide Robe

Revered Warden's Arrow

Revered Watcher's Cowl

Revered Warden's Arrow

Exalted Earthwarden

Exalted Ashyen's Gift