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Sho is a Pandaran and a member of the Tillers. Unlike most of the rest of the Tillers, Sho is not a farmer. She has been trained as a rogue and works to protect not only the members of the Tillers, but their crops as well. Once a member of Zhu's Watch, she originally came to the Valley of The Four Winds to protect it from any threats. She however fell in love with the place and vowed to remain and protect it's citizens. She is known to send her friends saplings as a present. Her favorite food is Eternal Blossom Fish.

Gift (540 each)

Giving any gift found in Dark Soil plots north of Halfhill will result in 540 reputation points.

Ideal Gift (900 each)

Giving Sho a lovely apple will earn 900 reputation points.

Favorite Food (1800 each)

Cooking 5 Eternal Blossom Fish will earn 1800 reputation points with Sho.

Daily Quest (2000 each)

Doing Sho's daily quest will earn 2000 reputation points.