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Darkmoon Faire

No matter what is going on in Azeroth, heroes and adventurers can take a break from wars against the Lich King, Deathwing, each other, or the Burning Legion and have some fun at the Darkmoon Faire. Rolling in to town every month, the Darkmoon Faire opens portals in several places, notably Mulgore and Elwynn Forest, allowing for fast travel to the Darkmoon Faire. Spectators can take part of the numerous games and activities available. Magic exists all around the Darkmoon Faire, making it a santuary. Even when the Alliance and Horde are actively at war with one another, the Darkmoon Faire is considered neutral ground, making battle amongst the rival factions impossible. Also found at the Darkmoon Faire are collectors of rare artifacts, including Darkmoon cards.

Daily quests (250 each)

Completing daily quests awards 250 reputation points each.