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Nat Pagle

Nat Pagle is an avid fisherman. Though he is a human, he is friendly to both Horde and Alliance factions alike. Though he is known throughout Azeroth as perhaps the greatest fisherman alive today, Nat Pagle has said on record that he doesn't particularly care that much for fishing. Like most fisherman, he enjoys being able to drink while he fishes. He donated his personal fishing pool to the Booty Bay fishing tournament, a prize that attracted many participants from across Azeroth. When the mists parted and revealed the island of Pandaria, Nat Pagle found his way there and joined up with the Anglers, a group of fishermen. After Garrosh Hellscream was defeated and fled into the past to Draenor, Nat Pagle went along with the Horde and the Alliance to this new world. From there, he joined the garrisons and taught fishing to anyone who was interested in his services.

Rare fish (600 each)

Turning in three rare fish, Flying Tiger Gourarmi, Mimic Octopus, and Spinefish, each day will award 600 reputation points each.