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Old Hillpaw

Old Hillpaw is a Pandarian farmer and member of the Tillers. Old Hillpaw was once married with a son, named Tai. His wife passed away when Tai was young and he unfortunately outlived his son as well. The loss of his family has made Old Hillpaw into somewhat of a recluse. Old Hillpaw is an avid chicken farmer and anyone that he considers a friend will soon be graced with several new clucking additions to their farm. Old Hillpaw's favorite food is Braised Turtle.

Gift (540 each)

Giving any gift found in Dark Soil plots north of Halfhill will result in 540 reputation points.

Ideal Gift (900 each)

Giving Old Hillpaw a blue feather will earn 900 reputation points.

Favorite Food (1800 each)

Cooking 5 Braised Turtle will earn 1800 reputation points with Old Hillpaw.

Daily Quest (3000 each)

Doing Old Hillpaw's daily quest will earn 2000 reputation points.