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Haohan Mudclaw

Haohan Mudclaw is a Pandarian farmer and head of the Tillers. He has two daughters, Gina and Tina Mudclaw, both members of the Tillers. He does not think highly of cityfolk, particularly their ability to farm. Whenever someone wants to join the Tillers, Haohan Mudclaw is the last vote that is generally required for admittance. He often sends his friends a mushan beast to help graze their farms. Haohan Mudclaw's favorite food is Charbroiled Tiger Steak.

Gift (540 each)

Giving any gift found in Dark Soil plots north of Halfhill will result in 540 reputation points.

Ideal Gift (900 each)

Giving Haohan Mudclaw a ruby shard will earn 900 reputation points.

Favorite Food (1800 each)

Cooking 5 Charbroiled Tiger Streak will earn 1800 reputation points with Haohan Mudclaw.

Daily Quest (3300 each)

Doing Haohan Mudclaw's daily quest will earn 2000 reputation points.