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Honor Hold

The Honor Hold is the main group of Alliance forces operating in Outland. After venturing through the Dark Portal for the first time, anyone alligned with the Alliance will inevitably find the Honor Hold, also the name of a town founded in the Hellfire Peninsula. When the Sons of Lothar first came to the Outland (then known as Draenor), they created this town that still exists to this day. Though it has been attacked on multiple occasions by both the Burning Legion and Horde forces, the citizens of Honor Hold proudly rebuild after each attack. With the reopening of the Dark Portal, Honor Hold has been reinforced with soldiers from Ironforge and Stormwind City.

Shattered Hand NPCs (5 each)

Killing Shattered Hand NPCs around the Hellfire Peninsula awards 5 reputation points each.

Dungeon elites (15 each)

Killing NPCs inside the Blood Furnace, Hellfire Ramparts, and the Shattered Halls awards 15 reputation points each.

Daily quests (150 each)

Daily quests award 150 reputation points each.

Dungeon bosses (250 each)

Commendation of Honor Hold (500 each)

Commendation of Honor Hold can be purchased for 50 Timewalking Badges during the Outland Timewalking Dungeon Event.