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Warsong Outriders

The Warsong Outriders are members of the Warsong clan operating out of Ashenvale. They were originally sent to Ashenvale by Grom Hellscream, to cut down the trees in the area. They use the lumber to support various Horde efforts around Azeroth. They are seen by the night elves as invaders to their home turf. The night elves dispatched a unit of their own to counter the orcish invasion. The Silverwing Sentinels stand ready to oppose the orcish aggression in the area. As night elves, they value nature and see the mass logging of trees in the forest as not only a sign of disrespect, but an affront to their spiritual beliefs. The two groups continue to clash over this difference but thus far have managed to contain their aggression to the Warsong Gulch area of Ashenvale.

Capture the flag (35 each)

Capturing the flag in Warsong Gulch awards 35 reputation points.