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Gelkis Clan Centaur

The Gelkis Clan Centaur are a tribe of centaurs that settled in southern Desolace. During this time, the centaurs split into five different tribes. Led by Khan Gelk, the Gelkis Clan created a settlement near Shadowprey village, located in the southwest of Desolace. They were once at way with the Magram clan, taking issue with the Magram notion that the centaurs needed to be strong in order to fend for themselves. The Gelkis Clan saw this as sacrilege to Theradas, daughter of the elemental lord of earth, Therazane, as well as mother to Khan Gelk. The Gelkis Clan were the first centaurs to learn to speak common. Despite their disagreement with the Magram clan, the Gelkis clan would continue to grow in power. Where they once solicited allies in their fight against the Magram Clan, they now fight against any outsider. One leader of the clan, Khan Shodo, had three sons. In one conflict, all three sons were defeated. The loss of his male offspring devastated Khan Shodo who then formed an alliance with the Kolkar and Magram Clans, who aided in the rescue of his daughter. After the defeat of Deathwing, Khan Shodo and his Gelkis Clan reunited with the other centaur clans under Aratas, the new High Khan of the centaurs.

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