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The League of Arathor

The League of Arathor are the remaining citizens of the former kingdom of Stromgarde. Once one of the greatest human cities in Azeroth, Stromgarde has had a tragic history. During the war with the Burning Legion, the king of Stromgarde Thoras Trollbane, was murdered by his son Galen, no doubt inspired by Arthas' murder of his own father around the same time. This weakened the kingdom of Stromgarde, opening it up to be overrun by both forces from the Syndicate as well as a nearby clan of ogres. Galen Trollbane would eventually be defeated by Horde forces only to be raised as a forsaken. When the Burning Legion returned, Galen was propositioned by death knights to raise his father, Thoras Trollbane, as one of the new four horsemen to fight against the legion of demonic invaders. When the Horde and the Alliance went to war again after the defeat of the Burning Legion, the League of Arathor would battle against Horde forces in their native home, ultimately proving successful at defending their rebuilt kingdom.

Gaining Resources (10 each)

For every 160 resources your side gains, you gain 10 reputation points.