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The Valarjar are a group of warriors led by Odyn. There are many similarities between the Valarjar and Norse Mythology. When he was a titan keeper, Odyn was upset that the dragons were chosen by the other titans to defend Azeroth. Having wandered Azeroth for many years, Odyn strongly felt the vrykul would serve as better protectors. This led Odyn to split from the rest of the titan keepers and raise his own guardians in the form of the Valarjar. Aided by fellow titan keeper Helya, Odyn would judge the fallen vrykul from the Halls of Valor, choosing the most worthy to join as Valarjar. Helya disagreed with the idea of turning titan keepers into Valarjar which led to Odyn converting Helya herself into one.

World Quests (150 each)

New to Legion are the concept of world quests. There is no limit on the number of world quests that can be done per day. When world quests expire, new world quests take their place.

Valarjar Insignia (250 each)

Valarjar Insignia is a reward for certain class hall missions.

Arthfael (250 each)

Killing Arthfael inside the Halls of Valor will reward 250 reputation with the Valarjar.

Demon's Soulstone (1000 each)

The Demon's Soulstone is a rare drop from elites found on Argus. Using this item will grant 1000 reputation points to ALL Legion factions.

Greater Valarjar Insignia (1000 each)

Greater Valarjar Insignia can be chosen as a reward for completing the Kirin Tor emissary quest.

Emissary Quest (1500 each)

When the Valarjar Emissary Quest is available, complete four Valarjar world quests within the allotted time (generally 2 days). Doing so will allow you to turn in the quest to Valdemar Stormseeker located in Stormheim. A new emissary quest is available each day.