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Army of the Light

The Army of the Light are an amalgamation of races that were prophesized to combat the Burning Legion. Led by High Exarch Turalyon, these soldier have dedicated themselves and their lives to fighting the Burning Legion. After Argus was overrun by the demons of the Burning Legion, the most dedicated and powerful draenei pledged themeselves to the naaru Xe'ra, the fight leader of The Army of the Light, to travel across the universe, fighting the Burning Legion wherever they turned their onslaught to next.

Rare Elites (75 each)

Finding and killing a rare elite anywhere on Argus will reward a small reputation increase.

World Quests (150 each)

New to Legion are the concept of world quests. There is no limit on the number of world quests that can be done per day. When world quests expire, new world quests take their place.

Army of the Light Insignia (250 each)

Army of the Light Insignia is a reward for certain class hall missions.

Nath'raxxan Felguard (350 each)

Killing Nath'raxxan Felguards will result in 350 points of reputation with the Army of the Light.

World Quest (1000 each)

7th Legion world quests are available after you hit level 120 and complete the quest Uniting Kul Tiras. 7th Legion world quests are any world quest that is completed on Zandalar. You can complete any number of 7th Legion world quests each day. Each world quest has a timer indicating how long it is available. Once it expires, a new world quest will take it's place, whether it has been completed or not.

Weekly Quests (1000 each)

There are two weekly quests that are worth 1000 reputation points each. These can be completed once per week. One quest requires you to collect pristine argunite. The other requires you to complete three invasion points.

Demon's Soulstone (1000 each)

The Demon's Soulstone is a rare drop from elites found on Argus. Using this item will grant 1000 reputation points to ALL Legion factions.

Greater Army of the Light Insignia (1000 each)

Greater Army of the Light Insignia can be found as a bonus reward for having more than 100% chance to complete an appropriate class hall mission.

Emissary Quest (1500 each)

When the Army of the Light Emissary Quest is available, complete four Army of the Light world quests within the allotted time (generally 2 days). Doing so will allow you to turn in the quest to Vindicator Jaelaana located on the Vindicaar. A new emissary quest is available each day.