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The Sporeggar are a group of sporelings native to Zangarmarsh. Sporelings most similarly resemble mushrooms. They reside in a town called Sporeggar. Sporeggar is a town where the peaceful Sporeggar people can live in peace. This is essential to the Sporeggar survival as they face threats not only from predators, but from the ever changing environment of Zangarmarsh. However, the climate of Zangarmarsh is most closely suited to Sporeggar and it is unlikely that they would be able to survive in other areas of the Outland, at least not comfortably.

Bog Lord (15 each)
Until Honored

Bog Lords can be in Zangarmarsh, east of the Spawning Glen.

Marsh NPCs (15 each)
Until Revered

Marsh Dredgers and Marsh Lurkers can be found in Zangarmarsh, south of Umbrafen Lake.

Repeatable quests (250 each)

There are three repeatable quests available once you become Friendly with the Sporeggar. These are found in Sporeggar.