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Kirin Tor

The Kirin Tor are a group of elite mages that serve as the rulers of Dalaran. They have alliances with both Alliance nations as well as Horde nations, specifically, Quel'Thalas. They have evolved from being a simple ruling body to placing themselves at the forefront of whatever threats are plaguing Azeroth. From the Burning Legion, to maniacal warlords, to the scourge and the Lich King, the Kirin Tor face these challenges head on. Dalaran was initially destroyed when Arthas and Kel'Thuzad (a former member of the Kirin Tor himself), sought to invade Dalaran under orders from the demon Archimonde. Their campaign was successful and led to the death of then Kirin Tor leader Antonidas. They were able to claim the Book of Medivh which they were able to use to bring Archimonde to Azeroth. Upon his arrival, Archimonde destroyed the city of Dalaran, fracturing the Kirin Tor. The Kirin Tor eventually returned to the ruins of Dalaran and placed a magical seal around the city. From inside the city, they began to reconstruct and rebuild their former home. Upon completion, the Kirin Tor raised the city into the air and teleported it to Northrend, serving as a base to overthrow the Lich King once and for all.

Daily Quest (250 each)

Daily quests award 250 reputation points each.

Commendation of the Kirin Tor (500 each)

Turning in a Commendation of the Kirin Tor will award 500 reputation points.