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Shado Pan Assault

The Shado-Pan Assault are a group of elite warriors within the Shado-Pan with one mission: travel to the Isle of Thunder and kill Lei Shen, once and for all. Led by Taran Zhu, the Shado-Pan Assault stage their attack from a cave beneath the Conquerer's Terrace. Lei Shen was the first emperor of the mogu and is widely considered to be the most powerful of them all. During his reign, Lei Shen formed an alliance with the Zandalari, offering land near the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in exchange for their loyalty. This alliance would last for thousands of years. Lei Shen was finally defeated when he set his sights on Uldum. Leading a mighty army of Zandalari and mogu warriors, the tol'vir knew they were no match. As a last ditch effort, the tol'vir use the Forge of Origination to decimate the surrounding area, killing the entire army and Lei Shen. This act turned Uldum and the surrounding area into a lifeless desert. A few warriors managed to survive the assault and took Lei Shen's body to the Tomb of Conquerors. When the Zandalari and the mogu renewed their alliance, the Zandalari located Lei Shen's body inside the Tomb of Conquerors. They then took his body to the Isle of Reckoning and resurrected him with the help of Prophet Khar'zul.

Trash mobs (30 each)
Until Friendly

Killing trash mobs inside the Throne of Thunder will award 30 reputation points each until Friendly.

Bosses (300 each)

Killing bosses inside the Throne of Thunder will award 300 reputation points each.

Champions of the Thunder King (300 each)

This is a weekly quest requiring you to kill on elite rare champion on the Isle of Thunder.

Ra-Den (500 each)

Killing the final boss inside the Throne of Thunder will award 500 repuation points.

Friendly Skinsealer Tunic

Friendly Darkfang Belt

Friendly Firestrike Cord