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Everlook is a goblin run city located in Winterspring. It is the last town a traveler can visit before reaching Mount Hyjal. The town was built as a trading post for travelers making the journey to Mount Hyjal. It also thrived due to the thorium and arcanite found in the mountains of Winterspring. Despite the goblin allegiance to the Horde, the town of Everlook remains neutral territory. The thorium mined in the nearby mountains has drawn the attention of the Thorium Brotherhood as well as the other dark iron dwarves.

Bloodsail npcs (3 each)

Killing bloodsail npcs in the Cape of Stranglethorn awards 3 reputation points each.

Southsea npcs (5 each)

Killing southsea npcs in Tanaris awards 5 reputation points each.

Making Amends (500 each)

This repeatable quest requires you to turn in 40 runecloth and 4 coal. This will award 500 reputation points per turn in as well as subtract 500 reputation points from Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation.