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Waveblade Ankoan

The Waveblade Ankoan are a group of seadwelling creatures residing in the oceans near Zandalar and Kul Tiras. They are enemies of the naga, having fought against and been enslaved by the creatures. They are considered an endangered species, largely due to the persecution at the hands of the naga. The Waveblade Ankoan originally began as Jinyu living in Pandaria. Eons ago, they struck out on their own, choosing to explore the depths of the oceans, becoming followers of Neptulon and eventually settling in Nazjatar. Given their numbers, the Waveblade Ankoan have reached the sad conclusion that it is unlikely they will ever rebuild their population. Armed with that anger and allied with their new friends the Alliance, the Waveblade decide to take the fight straight to the naga.

Contract: Ankoan (10 each)

New to Battle for Azeroth, contracts grant you an additional 10 reputation for any world quest completed. Contacts are made by Inscriptionists and can usually be bought in the Auction House. Only one contract can be active at a time and each contract lasts for 7 days.

Rare Elites (50 each)

There are 40 rare elites that can be found on Nazjatar. Kill each one for the first time will award 50 reputation points.

Reefwalker Bark (75 each)

Reefwalker Bark can drop from enemies in Nazjatar. Turning one in rewards 75 reputation points.

Daily quests (150 each)

Daily quests award 150 reputation points each.

World Quests (150 each)

World quests are available after completing the Nazjatar quest line. You can complete any number of world quests each day. Each world quest has a timer indicating how long it is available. Once it expires, a new world quest will take it's place, whether it has been completed or not.

Summons from the Depths (150 each)

Every couple hours, the naga will attempt to summon an elite creature. Killing it for the first time each day will award 150 reputation points.

Elite Pet Battles (250 each)

There are 12 elites pets that can be battled in Nazjatar. Defeating each one for the first time awards 250 reputation points.

Giant Crab Leg (250 each)

Giant Crab Legs can drop from enemies in Nazjatar. Turning one in rewards 250 reputation points.

Eel Fillet (250 each)

Eel Fillets can drop from enemies in Nazjatar. Turning one in rewards 250 reputation points.

Fathom Ray Wing (250 each)

Fathom Ray Wings can drop from different rays in Nazjatar. Turning one in rewards 250 reputation points.

Ancient Reefwalker Bark (350 each)

Ancient Reefwalker Bark can drop from rare elites. Turning one in rewards 350 reputation points.

Battle for Nazjatar (500 each)

Every three hours starting at reset, a PVP world quest is available. Winning or losing awards 500 reputation points but you must have warmode enabled to accept the world quest.

The Laboratory of Mardivas (500 each)

Once a week, you can turn in strange reagants. This will lead you to the Laboratory of Mardivas quest which will award 500 reputation points upon completion.

Emissary Quest (1500 each)

Waveblade Ankoan emissary quests require you to complete three Waveblade Ankoan world quests in the allotted time (generally 2 days). A new emissary quest is available each day.