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The Ogri'la are a group of ogres foundi n the Blade's Edge Mountains. They are a peaceful group of ogres, often putting them at odds with other ogres. Despite the historically brutal nature of ogres, the Ogri'la are friendly to any race that is willing to put aside racial stereotypes and accept the Ogri'la as productive members of society. These ogres think of themselves as enlightened because of their peaceful nature. They owe this transcendance to the apexis crystals found in the Blade's Edge Mountains. They are led by Mog'dorg the Wizened, a powerful ogre mage, who would leave Outland for Azeroth to aid in the fight against Deathwing. Apexis crystals are a valued commodity in Outland, sought after by the Burning Legion and the black dragons. This puts the Ogri'la in a hostile relationship with these groups, that seemingly goes against their otherwise peaceful nature.

Daily quests (350 each)

Daily quests award 350 reputation points each.