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Timbermaw Hold

The Timbermaw hold is a group of furbolgs residing in both Azshara and Felwood. They are at war with the Deadwood and Winterfall tribes, both of whom have been corrupted by demons. The Deadwood tribe has been corrupted by fel blood while the Winterfall tribe has been corrupted by the demon Xandivious. In fact, the Timbermaw tribe is believed to be the only tribe of furbolgs that have not been corrupted by demons in some way. Timbermaw Hold is actually a cave connecting Felwood, Moonglade, and Winterspring. When the Burning Legion first came to Azeroth, the furbolgs were among the first victims of corruption. The Timbermaw tribe retreated to what is now known as Timbermaw Hold. From there, they were able to hide from the Burning Legion until they were defeated by the forces of Azeroth. Because it is widely known of the corruption of the furbolgs, the Timbermaw tribe are wary of outsiders for fear of attack due to being mistaken for their corrupted brethren. When the Timbermaw tribe finally emerged from Timbermaw hold, they were devastated to see the destruction of their beloved forest at the hands of the Burning Legion. Around the time of Deathwing's return to Azeroth, a faction of furbolgs broke off from the Timbermaw tribe and formed the Blackmaw tribe and took over the Timbermaw Hold, renaming it the Blackmaw Hold.

Grizzle Snowpaw (100 each)
Until Revered

Grizzle Snowpaw is a rare NPC and can be found east of Everlook in Winterspring.

Furbolgs (20 each)

Killing furbolgs in Winterfall or Deadwood gives 20 reputation points.

High Chief Winterfall (40 each)

High Chief Winterfall can be found in the western part of Winterspring.

Furbolg bosses (60 each)

Killing either Overlord Ror or Chieftain Bloodmaw will give 60 reputation points. These bosses can be found in Felwood.

Ragepaw (100 each)

Ragepaw is a rare NPC and can be found in southern Felwood.

Deadwood Headdress (2000 each)

Deadwood Headdresses drop from Deadwood mobs in Felwood. Turning in a stack of 5 will award 2000 reputation points.

Winterfall Spirit Beads (2000 each)

Winterfall Spirit Beads drop from Winterfall mobs in Winterspring. Tunring in a stack of 5 will award 2000 reputation points.