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Operation Shieldwall

Operation: Shieldwall is the code name given to the Alliance campaign inside of Pandaria. Led by King Varian Wrynn and High Marshal Twinbraid, the forces of Operation: Shieldwall are the front line against the war against the Horde that unfortunately spilled over into Pandaria after the demise of Deathwing. With tensions at an all time high following the conflict at the Wrathgate, the two factions managed to put aside their differences temporarily against a common enemy in Deathwing. With his defeat came a renewed conflict between the two groups. During this campaign, the island of Pandaria became deshrouded and became home to a new conflict bewteen the two factions.

Daily Quests (150 each)

Each day, you gain access to one daily quest chain. Each quest awards 150 reputation points.

Beastmaster Quests (200 each)

The Beastmaster Quests are group quests that can be completed each day, awarding 200 reputation points.

Work Order quests (300 each)

Work order quests involve planting specific crops in your garden. They award 300 reputation points each.