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Ironforge is the capital city of the dwarves, built into a massive mountain in Khaz Modan. Unlike other racial capital cities, Ironforge is fairly racially diverse. This is likely due to many of the gnomes relocating to Ironforge after their city of Gnomeregan was overrun by troggs. Ironforge was once the home of three different dwarven clans; the Bronzebeards, the iron dwarves, and the Wildhammer clan. After the death of king Modimus Anvilmar, there was no immediate succesor. This led to a war between the Bronzebeards, the iron dwarves, and the Wildhammer Clan with the Bronzebeard clan emerging victorious, banishing the other two. The Bronzebeards would appoint Magni Bronzebeard as the new king of Ironforge. After the second war between the Horde and the Alliance, the dwarves helped with the Alliance effort to rebuild. In seeing a difficult in moving supplies quickly between the two kingdoms, Magni Bronzebeard recruited High Tinker Mekkatorque to construct a massive tunnel bewteen Ironforge and Stormwind City. After the defeat of the Lich King, Magni Bronzebeard became ill. Rather than reignite the war between the three clans, each clan elected a representative to serve on a council that would rule over Ironforge.

Dungeon elites (15 each)

While wearing this faction's tabard, killing elites inside classic dungeons awards 15 reputation points each.

Dungeon bosses (250 each)

While wearing this faction's tabard, killing bosses inside classic dungeons awards 250 reputation points each.

Daily quests (250 each)

Completing daily quests awards 250 reputation points each.

Ironforge Writ of Commendation (250 each)

Ironforge Writ of Commendation can be purchased for 30 Marks of the World Tree from doing daily quests on the Molten Front.