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The Ravenholdt are a mysterious group of rogues. They are very selective about who they allow to join their organization. They operate from the shadows, often serving as spies, assassins, and thieves. They are the archrivals of the Syndicate. They were once headquartered in the Alterac Mountains, in a mansion called Ravenholdt Manor. Though the location is no secret to anyone outside the organzation, it is very difficult to find a path to the manor itself. When Deathwing reemerged and threatened the destruction of Azeroth, the Ravenholdt were instrumental in securing a pair of legendary daggers, the Fangs of the Father, that were ultimately used to put Deathwing down for good. When the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth, the may members of the Ravenholdt joined the Uncrowned, a group of rogues dedicated to fighting the Burning Legion.

Syndicate NPCs (5 each)
Until Honored

Syndicate NPCs can be found primarily in the Arathi Highlands though a few can also be found in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Junkboxes Needed (75 each)

5 Heavy Junkboxes can be turned in for 75 reputation points.

Syndicate Emblems (250 each)

These must be pickpocketed by a Rogue from a Syndicate NPC. They can be turned in for 250 reputation points each.