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Frostwolf Clan

The Frostwolf clan are a group of orcs that were once native to Draenor but followed Durotan through the Dark Portal with the other orcs once they realized their world was dying. On Draenor, they were native to the Frostfire Ridge, hence their name. The Frostwolf Clan was one of the few clans that refused to blindly follow Gul'dan and was suspicious of his intentions. That suspicion was amplified when Gul'dan imbued the orcs with fel energy and their skin changed from brown to green. Chief Durotan forbade the Frostwolfs from drinking the Blood of Mannoroth. This made Durotan and the Frostwolf clan enemies of Gul'dan. When the orcs came to Azeroth, Gul'dan no longer needed the Frostwolf orcs and ordered them exiled. The Frostwolf Clan eventually settled in Alterac Valley. Durotan and his wife Draka would give birth to a son they named Go'el. Gul'dan eventually ordered the execution of both Durotan and Draka. After their murder, the infant Go'el was found by Aedelas Blackmoore who rescued the poor child. Go'el was raised as a gladiator in Durnholde. He was also slave and as such, his master gave him a new name, Thrall. Thrall would eventually escape and rejoin the Frostwolf clan, learning of his ancestry and taking his rightful place as clan chieftan. It was from here that Thrall would form the beginnings of the modern day Horde. The Frostwolf Clan would stay in Alterac Valley rather than join Thrall in Orgrimmar. The Stormpike Guard, a legion of dwarves, would come to Alterac Valley looking to strip mine the area of resources. Seeing this as an attack on their homeland, the Frostwolf Clan would respond violently, putting the two groups at war.

Alterac Valley NPCs (5 each)

Killing opposite faction NPCs in Alterac Valley awards 5 reputation points each.

Captain Balinda Stonehearth (125 each)

Captain Balinda Stonehearth is a miniboss in the Alterac Valley battleground. She is optional but killing her awards 125 reputation points.

Vanndar Stormpike (350 each)

Vanndar Stormpike is the final boss in the Alterac Valley battleground. Killing him awards 350 reputation points.