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The Hand of Vengeance

The Hand of Vengeance is a group of forsaken soldiers sent by Sylvanas Windrunner to put an end to the Lich King once and for all. Sylvanas was the former ranger general of Silvermoon. When the Scourge, led by the Lich King himself, invaded Quel'Thalas, Sylvanas fought valiantly but was ultimately felled. The Lich King then raised Sylvanas as a banshee, damning her soul for eternity. Upon breaking away from the Lich King, Sylvanas learned about what horrible fate awaited her in the afterlife. She gathered other undead and pledged to do battle against the Lich King. Realizing that she would be unable to exact her revenge alone, she pledged herself and her forsaken to the Horde.

Dungeon trash mobs (20 each)

Killing trash mobs without a tabard equipped in heroic Wrath of the Lich King dungeons will award 20 reputation points each.

Daily Quest (250 each)

Daily quests award 250 reputation points each.

Dungeon bosses (325 each)

Killing bosses in heroic Wrath of the Lich King dungeons without a tabard equiped will award 325 reputation points each.