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Thorium Brotherhood

The Thorium Brotherhood is an elite group of dark iron dwarves with particular skills in blacksmithing. They live separate from the primary contingent of dark iron dwarves due to the violent nature their dark iron brethern in the Searing Gorge. When Ragnaros was banished to the Molten Core, the Thorium Brotherhood sought to make armor and weapons capable of destroying the elemental lord. However, they found themselves unable to handle the guardians of Molten Core where the raw materials could be found. They become friendly with anyone that provides them the opportunity to temper these rare materials and will aid any adventurer willing to brave the perils of the Molten Core for rare blacksmithing supplies.

Dark Iron Ore (75 each)

Dark Iron Ore can be found in nodes in Blackrock Depths and Molten Core. Turning in a stack of 10 awards 75 reputation points.

Core Leather (350 each)

Core Leather can be skinned from Core Hounds found in Blackrock Depths. Turning in a stack of 2 awards 350 reputation points.

Rare Favors (500 each)

Turning in Blood of the Mountain, Fiery Core, or Lave Core will award 500 reputation points each. These items can be looted from various Molten Core NPCs and bosses.