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The Sons of Hodir

The Sons of Hodir are a group of frost giants living in the Storm Peaks. The Sons of Hodir formed an alliance with the titan Thorim. Thorim was eventually deceived by his brother Loken and led to believe that the Sons of Hodir were responsible for the death of his wife, Sif. Thorim then betrayed the frost giants and attacked the frost giants. Recently, Thorim has learned the truth of Sif's death and wishes to make amends with the frost giants. The Sons of Hodir are split on this development with many Sons considering the relationship irreparable.

Daily Quest (250 each)

Daily quests award 250 reputation points each.

Everfrost Chip (350 each)

Everfrost Chips can be found around Storm Peaks, mostly on the eastern side. These can be turned in as a repeatable quest.

Commendation of the Sons of Hodir (500 each)

Turning in a Commendation of the Sons of Hodir awards 500 reputation points each.

Relic of Ulduar (650 each)

Relics of Ulduar can be turned in as a repeatable quest. They drop from various NPCs across Storm Peaks, Halls of Lightning, and Halls of Stone. These are BOE and can be bought and sold on the auction house.