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The Dreamweavers are a group of Druids that studied under Cenarius. Residing in Val'sharah, they are charged with guarding the Emerald Dream, realm of the dragon, Ysera. The Dream becomes corrupted as Xavius is resurrected and joins with the Burning Legion, corrupting the Dream into the Emerald Nightmare. With the defeat of Xavius however, the Dream is mostly restored. However, a small part of the Dream remains corrupted and will likely always remain so.

Dreamweaver Insignia (250 each)

Dreamweaver Insignia can be randomly found in treasure chests.

Final dungeon bosses (250 each)

Killing the Shade of Xavius or Latosius inside Darkheart Thicket or Black Rook Hold respectively will reward 250 reputation points with the Dreamweavers.

Demon's Soulstone (1000 each)

The Demon's Soulstone is a rare drop from elites found on Argus. Using this item will grant 1000 reputation points to ALL Legion factions.

Emissary Quest (1500 each)

When the Dreamweavers Emissary Quest is available, complete four Dreamweavers world quests within the allotted time (generally 2 days). Doing so will allow you to turn in the quest to Sylvia Hartshorn located in Val'sharah. A new emissary quest is available each day.

Greater Dreamweaver Insignia (1500 each)

Greater Dreamweaver Insignia can be chosen as a reward for completing the Kirin Tor emissary quest.