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Magram Clan Centaur

The Magram Clan Centaur are a group of centaurs that reside with the other centaurs located in Desolace. They were founded and took their name from Khan Magra. When the centaurs relocated to Desolace, the five children of Zaetar and Theradras split into separate tribes and formed their own clans. The Magram Clan became enemies of the Gelkis Clan. They believed that the centaur way of life should be about relying on themselves to protect one another. The Gelkis disagreed with this point of you, arguing that the their mother, Theradras, would always protect them. This pitted the two tribes in a violent conflict that would last many generations. Due to the violent nature of all the centaur clans, Thrall would eventually ally himself with the Magram Clan in order to contain the violence. To accomplish this goal, Horde forces went to Maraudon and killed Theradras. The Magram Clan would then unite the centaurs and lead them into an era of peace. This lasted until the Burning Blade massacred the Kelkar Clan. In response, the centaurs dissolved all alliances and considered themselves enemies of anyone that would invade their territory. The tribes would split once again only to be united under the first high khan, Aratas.

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