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Booty Bay

Booty Bay is a goblin run port town in Stranglethorn Value. The town was originally built by humans and was a popular destination of pirates given the hidden nature of the cove that the town resides in. The humans left Booty Bay after a troll uprising. The trolls in turn were driven out by the goblins who still control the town today. Booty Bay is a faction of the Steamwheedle Cartel. Despite the goblin allegiance to the Horde, the town of Booty Bay remains neutral territory.

Traitor to the Bloodsail (500 each)
Until Neutral

This quest requires you to turn in silk cloth and red dye. Doing so will increase your reputation with Booty Bay as well as decrease your reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

Bloodsail npcs (3 each)

Killing bloodsail npcs in the Cape of Stranglethorn awards 3 reputation points each.

Southsea npcs (5 each)

Killing southsea npcs in Tanaris awards 5 reputation points each.