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The Maghar

The Mag'har are a group of orcs that live in the Outland. Unlike the orcs in Azeroth, they managed to avoid demonic corruption at the hands of the Burning Legion. As a result, their skin is brown, not green. The Azerothian orcs have a green skin because of the fel blood coursing through their veins. Upon encountering them in the Outlands, Thrall is happy to have them join with the Horde. There, the Mag'har work alongside their Azerothian brothers to teach one another about the differences in their cultures and the history of the clans. Many ages ago, a plague ravaged the orc clans of Draenor. The village of Garadar was formed to serve as a place where orcs that were untouched by the plague could live safely until the plague could be eradicated. Those orgs came to be the Mag'har, which is Orcish for uncorrupted. Garrosh Hellscream, former Warchief of the Horde was a Mag'har and served as the leader of the Mag'har military when Thrall came to Outland. When the Horde and Alliance joined forces to defeat the Lich King, the Mag'har, led by Garrosh Hellscream fought valiantly against the scourge threat. When Garrosh Hellscream raged war against all of Azeroth, most of the Horde avowed his actions but the Mag'har remained loyal.

Killing Ogres (10 each)

Killing ogres in Nagrand awards 10 reputation points each.

Obsidian Warbeads (500 each)

Obsidian Warbeads can be looted from various ogres in Nagrand. They can be turned in stacks of 10 for 500 reputation points.