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Gina Mudclaw

Gina Mudclaw is a Pandarian farmer and member of the Tillers. She doesn't do much farming these days however, spending most of her time managing the Halfhill market. She is the daughter of Haohan Mudclaw and sister of Tina Mudclaw, both members of the Tillers. While running the Halfhill Market can be a stressful occuption, Gina Mudclaw does it with a smile on her face and a kind word to any that takes time to speak to her. She has been known to do favors for her friends, such as hiring a carpenter to do some work on her friends' farms. Her favorite food is Swirling Mist Soup.

Gift (540 each)

Giving any gift found in Dark Soil plots north of Halfhill will result in 540 reputation points.

Ideal Gift (900 each)

Giving Gina Mudclaw a marsh lily will earn 900 reputation points.

Favorite Food (1800 each)

Cooking 5 Swirling Mist Soup will earn 1800 reputation points with Gina Mudclaw.

Daily Quest (2600 each)

Doing Gina Mudclaw's daily quest will earn 2000 reputation points.