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The Scale of the Sands

The Scale of the Sands is a group of bronze dragons that operate in the Caverns of Time. Led by Soridormi, wife of Nozdormu, this faction of bronze dragons is singularly tasked with preserving the events of the Battle of Mount Hyjal. In the Battle for Mount Hyjal, the demon Archimonde led a force of Burning Legion troops to destroy the world tree Nordrassil. The troops that sought to defend the World Tree were no match against the might of the forces of the Burning Legion. Upon realizing they would ultimately be defeated, the coalition of Horde and Alliance forces hatched a plan to stand against Archimonde and his army not to stop them, but to merely slow them down. Archimonde would finally be defeated after reaching the World Tree. There, Malfurion Stormrage laid a trap for him and his army. As Archimonde approached the World Tree, Mulfurion Stormrage summoned an army of wisps, triggering an explosion that vaporized Archimonde and his army.

Hyjal Summit elites (12 each)

Killing elites inside the Hyjal Summit raid will award 12 reputation points each.

Frost Wyrm (60 each)

Killing a Frost Wyrm in the Hyjal Summit raid will award 60 reputation points.

Hyjal Summit bosses (375 each)

Killing a boss in the Hyjal Summit raid (other than Archimonde) awards 375 reputation points.

Archimonde (1500 each)

Killing Archimonde, the final boss in the Hyjal Summit raid, awards 1500 reputation points.