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Darnassus was the capital city of the night elves and presided over by Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage. After the Burning Legion attempted to destroy the world tree, Nordassil, the night elves found themselves disconnected due to the spell Malfurion cast to stop Archimonde. This led Fandral Staghelm, the new leader of the Cenarion Circle, to plant a new world tree. The tree, which was called Teldrassil, eventually grew in northern Kalimdor. It was around this tree that the city of Darnassus was created. Whereas most cities build their buildings close together, Darnassus is different in that there are not a lot of buildings and those that exist are purposefully far apart. The city was unfortunately destroyed when Sylvanas ordered Horde forces to destroy the world tree, Nordrassil. The citizens who survived that horrific event relocated to Stormwind City.

Dungeon elites (15 each)

While wearing this faction's tabard, killing elites inside classic dungeons awards 15 reputation points each.

Dungeon bosses (250 each)

While wearing this faction's tabard, killing bosses inside classic dungeons awards 250 reputation points each.

Daily quests (250 each)

Completing daily quests awards 250 reputation points each.

Darnassus Writ of Commendation (250 each)

Darnassus Writ of Commendation can be purchased for 30 Marks of the World Tree from doing daily quests on the Molten Front.