I’m happy to report a new addition to WoWRep, a Mythic Plus Calculator.

What does it do?

Quite simply, the Mythic Plus Calculator shows you your current Mythic Plus score and breaks it down both by dungeon as well as by your best Fortified and Tyrannical runs.

Okay…but couldn’t I just get this on raider.io?

Well…yes. You could.

So why should I care?

In addition to showing your current mythic plus score, you can also edit both the keystone level as well as the time to determine what your score would be for that dungeon if you ran it on a higher key and completed it in a certain time. With the new, score based method of completing Keystone Master, it’s no longer necessary to time each dungeon on a +15 key. Because of how the scoring system works, anything faster than exactly timing a +15 key means you have more leeway on other dungeons. With this new calculator, you can see how much you need to improve a specific run to get Keystone Master.

Why don’t my scores exactly match raider.io?

When Blizzard introduced their new mythic plus scoring platform, they announced what would factor in to a score: keystone level, number of affixes, and time. The first two have very clear rules about how to calculate those points. Calculating time however was very vague. There were also some hidden penalties for not timing a dungeon. Therefore, keys that are not timed, may be slightly off in terms of calculation but only by a point or two at most. In most cases, particularly for timed keys, that difference is a tenth of a point, and likely due to a rounding error somewhere in the process.

How come I can only change one dungeon at the time?

For non-premium users, whenever you change some keystone data, all other dungeons are reset to their initial values. Premium users however can change as much keystone data as they want without dungeon data being reset.

What’s next?

Next up will be recommendations for what dungeons to run as well as a report on how much you need to improve each keystone to hit keystone master. We will also be adding the ability to freeze a dungeon, meaning you do not want to run that dungeon anymore and want to rely on the remaining dungeons to improve your score. This ability can be applied to a dungeon or a particular affix.

Published by Lokiwise

Lokiwise is a Blood Elf Frost Mage on Aerie Peak. He has been playing WoW on and off since vanilla. He currently spends most of his time hunting mounts and running keys.


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