I’m happy to report a new addition to WoWRep, a Mythic Plus Calculator. What does it do? Quite simply, the Mythic Plus Calculator shows you your current Mythic Plus score and breaks it down both by dungeon as well as by your best Fortified and Tyrannical runs. Okay…but couldn’t I just get this on raider.io?… Read More

With patch 9.1 came a new system for obtaining Keystone Master. For those unfamiliar, Keystone Master is an achievement, previously requiring you to complete each dungeon on mythic difficulty with a +15 keystone, in time. Patch 9.1 introduced a new scoring system, similar to and in conjunction with, raider.io. Instead of needing to time each… Read More

I’ve recently been on an All the Things kick. For those not familiar, All the Things is an addon that shows you everything you can possibly do in WoW such as pets, mounts, transmogs, quests, etc. The addon itself has a great UI in that shows you what drops from which bosses. I’ve mostly been… Read More

With the release of 9.1 on yesterday, we are finally able to show Death’s Advance and The Archivists’ Codex on the reputation calculator! Neither of these reps will be needed for flying so feel free to grind them at your leisure. Neither of these reputations seem like they will involve a lot of effort to… Read More

Forgive me father, it’s been 9 months since my last confes…errr…blog post. I’m going to try and post more often but what’s the saying about the best laid plans between mice and men? I haven’t updated the site in some time, largely due to the pandemic. As my kids were around more, I found that… Read More

We’ve seen a lot of new data being released for the 8.3 patch today. Among the highlights include the news that each faction will receive a new playable race. The Vulpera have chosen to ally themselves with the Horde. The Vulpera are encountered in Vol’dun while progressing through the questline. They are persecuted by the… Read More

First of all, it’s been two months since my last post. Sorry about that! I’ve been traveling and shuttling kids between summer camps. But now that they are back in school, I should have more time to devote to this site. One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “How can I see my… Read More

Rise of Azshara has been out for almost a month now and with it, two new factions (depending on your allegiance) are available to gain reputation with. The main reason this matters to most people is that this is the last barrier to flying in both Zandalar and Kul Tiras. Some of the more dedicate… Read More

As both the Alliance and the Horde look to advance their campaigns to Nazjatar, each faction allies itself with different enemies of Azshara. Upon exploration of the region, the Alliance encounters the Ankoan. They are naturally drawn toward the Ankoan as they are similar to the jinyu, a race found in Pandaria that the Alliance… Read More

The Unshackled are a group of aquatic creatures that have rebelled against the naga and sided with the Horde in the war between the Horde and the Alliance. As the Horde arrives in Nazjatar, sea giants, gilgoblins, makrura, and murlocs forming a group of rebels join forces with the Horde to battle back Queen Azshara… Read More